Image by Yuliya Kosolapova

Along the Line is an ethical fashion and sustainability blog. Did you know that the majority of donated clothing ends up going to landfills or being sent overseas? We carry a collection of curated thrifted clothing, with the goal of circulating clothing so that fewer items end up in landfills. We focus on the social and environmental effects that our clothing  has on the world, and attempt to bring awareness to this issue through our blog. 


Ethical fashion: This focuses on the social aspect of fashion, focused on the people who make our clothes. It means that all workers in every stage of the supply chain is paid a fair wage, and that no humans or animals were harmed in the making of the product. 

Sustainable fashion: This focuses on the environmental aspect of fashion. It means the creation of the product was not harmful to the environment. This may include using sustainable, natural, organic, or recycled materials, reducing water consumption, and using non-toxic dyes. 

Slow fashion: The opposite of mass-produced fast fashion, slow fashion brands produce far less clothing and encourage consumers to make their clothing last, and to buy quality rather than quantity.


Why buy second-hand?

1. You are giving clothes a second life by saving them from the landfill

2. It's cheaper than buying clothes that are brand new.

3. You can develop your own style, and won't be stuck wearing exactly what someone else is wearing. 

4. Second-hand shops are often charity-based, which means that you are supporting a local charity when you shop there. 

5. Buying second-hand diminishes the need to buy brand new clothes, and this sends the message to fast fashion retailers to change their tactics.

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